Register as an expert

NERC's media office receives requests every day from journalists looking for expert comment and opinion. NERC maintains a database of experts who are willing to speak to the media on their subject.

If you are a NERC-funded researcher or work at one of our centres and would like to register as an expert, please contact us at and provide us with the following information:

  • Your name.
  • Your contact details (email, telephone number).
  • Your institution or centre.
  • Your specialism or area of expertise - be as specific as possible (for example anthropology, genetics, fungi, hydrology, soil, climate systems, etc).
  • Any previous experience you have of working with the media.

Please note: By sending this information you agree to allow NERC to provide your details to journalists or the Science Media Centre - external link, if we receive a query related to a field you have specified as a specialism. We will not make your details available to anyone else.