Social science techniques for natural scientists training

26 October 2017
University of Manchester

23 January 2018

7 March 2018

 These events are now closed 

The course introduced natural scientists funded by NERC to the range of methodologies, approaches and concept that support social science research.

The aim of the course was to upskill NERC-funded researchers to aid their collection and analysis of data, and its dissemination in natural science, social science, public, and policy forums.

The course covered:

  • the philosophy of social science
  • defining the scope of a social science project - bringing social and physical science together
  • the development and implementation of a social science project
  • reporting your findings
  • ethics: commonalities and differences between social and physical sciences.

There were 10 spaces available on the 26 October 2017 and 15 spaces available on the 23 January and 7 March 2018. The courses were delivered by the University of Manchester.


For queries regarding the course or logistics, please contact:

James Box
07928 525444