NERC's remit

NERC's remit includes terrestrial, marine, freshwater, science-based archaeology, atmospheric and polar sciences, and Earth observation. Our scientists study and monitor the physical, chemical and biological processes on which our planet and life itself depends.

Our research is increasingly multi- and interdisciplinary; designed, supported and delivered in partnership with other research funders and research users.

Working with our partners, we fund strategic research that addresses key societal challenges, helping business, government and society benefit from natural resources, build resilience to environmental hazards and manage environmental change.

NERC's discovery science helps us understand how the Earth works, past, present and future. Whether pure, applied or policy-driven, discovery science addresses clearly-defined environmental science questions.

Our translation and innovation activities deliver impact and help business, government and society use our science knowledge.

For a more detailed specification of NERC's remit, please see the research areas page.

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