Our impact

The environment is everyone's business. We depend on the environment for shelter, heat, light, food and water - all provided by globally interconnected trade, transport and communications.

People in the UK and across the planet aspire to escape poverty and improve living standards. Achieving this whilst living within the Earth's limits is the great challenge of the 21st century.

NERC plays a critical role in meeting this challenge, working in partnership with business, government and civil society. Each year we invest £330 million in cutting-edge research, training and innovation in UK universities and research centres. Our translation activities help business, government and society use our science knowledge.

Annual Impact Reports

Our Impact Reports use case studies and quantitative measures to demonstrate how NERC's world-leading science is translated into knowledge, expertise and skills that stimulate economic growth and improve societal wellbeing each year.

Case studies

Read case studies which demonstrate the impact our science, strategic partnerships and funded research have on society.

Communications and public engagement for impact

NERC is committed to communicating its work as widely as possible and to supporting researchers to do high quality public engagement for impact. Choosing the most effective way to communicate your research and/or carry out public engagement activity can improve the quality and impact of your work, raise your profile and develop your skills.

Find out more about communications support.

Find out more about public engagement support.

Impact Awards

Recognising and rewarding the impacts of NERC research.


Find out how NERC's world-leading climate science research helped negotiators thrash out an international agreement on climate change during the climate change conference in Paris in December 2015.