How we work together

NERC listens to our partners needs so we can broker access to the best scientists, data and skills - to translate existing knowledge and to co-design new research and innovation.

We have a number of mechanisms through which our partners can work with us to connect to the research base and harness our science to issues that directly affect them:

Both models are underpinned by a suite of flexible schemes which enable collaboration between our partners and scientists on projects which translate and adapt existing knowledge or generate new research. The schemes vary in duration and purpose but are flexible to meet our partners' needs.

We also invite our partners to inform NERC research, training and innovation priorities by:

  • joining an advisory board - representatives from relevant public sector organisations are welcome on our key decision-making and advisory committees, research programme steering committees and research centre boards
  • becoming a Peer Review College member and help us assess research proposals and make decisions on allocating funds
  • providing input to NERC consultations.

More information about how we work with business and policy partners can be found in our brochures and publications.