Risk management

Flooded coastal town

The issue

Our world is becoming increasingly susceptible to risks arising from natural hazards and extreme weather events, including flooding, tsunami, wind and storms. Business, policymakers and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are taking steps to understand the risks and build resilience into assets, operations, supply chains and communities.

However there is an urgent need to improve assessments of natural hazard risk and for tools to communicate risk to enable decision-makers to take action despite uncertainty. The goal of these innovation activities is to make better use of science in both of these areas.

NERC wishes to work with the academic research base and business, policymakers and NGOs who are looking to understand and reduce the risks they face from natural hazards.

Who should be interested?

Insurance and reinsurance companies, catastrophe modelling companies, risk management consultancies, actuaries, policymakers and regulators, companies interested in understanding the risks to their business, environmental consultancies, and humanitarian and development NGOs working in disaster risk reduction.

Current activities

Current funding opportunities


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