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As a publicly-funded body, UK Research and Innovation must account for the its investments and explain the achievements and impact of the research and training it funds.  Collection of research outcomes information via researchfish® by all research councils, including NERC, is a vital part of this.  The requirement to report normally lasts for five years after a grant ends. Transparency is important, so most of the information submitted is made published on the UKRI Gateway to Research (GtR).

Students supported through NERC training grants are also expected to report.

The next UKRI submission period date can be found on the UKRI Research Outcomes webpage.

How to submit research outcomes, how they are used, and the consequences of not submitting when required to do so are detailed on a dedicated UKRI research outcomes website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available, providing information for grant holders, students, supervisors and training managers.

For technical support, please contact researchfish® directly.

The UKRI Research Outcomes Support Team is the first point of contact for non-technical/policy queries relating to UKRI funded awards on researchfish.

Email: researchoutcomes@funding.
Tel: 0800 2922 478

For NERC-specific issues contact:

Joanne Needham
Research Outcomes and Insight Manager

Gateway to Research (GtR)

Gateway to Research - external link - is a portal through which anyone can find and analyse information about research funded by UKRI.

It enables businesses and other interested parties to identify potential partners in universities to develop and commercialise knowledge, and maximise the impact of publicly funded research. GtR also gives the public better access to information on research funded by the research councils, including who and what is funded, and the outcomes and outputs of that funding.

The website is open and free for all to use and has been developed using open source, open standards and an Open Government Licence (OGL) so the code can be reused by third parties.

The GtR website was originally developed by Research Councils UK as part of the Innovation & Research Strategy of the government's Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Other reports

Some grant schemes may require that other reports be made to NERC; in these cases Principal Investigators will be advised what is required.

A Final Expenditure Statement is required for all NERC grants and fellowships within three months of the end date. This requirement is unchanged and applies to all lead and component grants.